Why Being Normal Is More Than Enough?
Being normal is quite alright - and more than enough

Why Being Normal Is More Than Enough?

I have thought a lot lately about how much we admire people that seem to be  extraordinary in some way. These super women and men seem to be and have something so different that underneath we hope we could be as special as they are and that someone would see how special we are.

I’ve been on the same boat. Be it work or love life, I have hoped that someone would recognise me and give credit to my uniqueness. This someone SPECIAL would help me to find my way to the spotlights and success. I know it is possible as I have witnessed how some of my friends have been picked up and lifted to the next level, making me confused and to question what is wrong with me. What is it that I am not doing right and what am I doing wrong?

Took me years of self-learning and deep diving to accept that I don’t need anyone else to tell me how special I am. More important is that I believe in myself. And that’s the tough cookie! I know now (but still leaning to fully inhale the concept) that there is no other person on this Earth who is exactly the way I am with my talents – and my flaws: I  know that no other person else could have done a better job at failing the way I have. 😀

In addition to the realisation of everyone being unique just by being themselves, these times have clearly proven, it is more than ok to be JUST NORMAL.

In fact, if there wasn’t for these just normal people with low-paid jobs, what would our lives be? There would be no food in the stores for us to buy. Sick people would not be looked after in the hospitals. Our children would not be taught at schools. When you get to the bottom of it all, these people are the real superheroes.

Therefore, the people that we look above, admire and consider to be something special, should be there to remind us that everything is possible for us as well, but what’s more important: their lives should not be taken as a measure point of your happiness. Being famous is not a synonym for happiness. Nor are their lives more meaningful than yours.  Accept what is TODAY. And if you want something to change, fake it till you make it.

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